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Tuesday, September 26, 2006


The other day Jonathan went to visit this man, Frank, and learn about how he makes a living. These things on the ground are coconuts which Frank harvests, cuts into pieces, and puts them on top of this big oven to smoke until the coconut is completely dry. Once the coconut is dry he bags up the pieces and sells the bags in town. They call it copra and about a 50 lb. bag might yield him $20.00. It is a lot of work for little pay.

Eve turns 2!

To celebrate Eve's second birthday we enjoyed chocolate cake with chololate frosting! She helped me make the cake and got covered in cake batter! She completely understood it was her special day because if I would tell her she couldn't have something she would look at me and say," birbay." (like hey, it's my birthday, I can have whatever I want) it was pretty funny!

No, those birthday balloons and streamers aren't from New Guinea. I brought them in our luggage along with Eve's presents and birthday jimmies!

Beauty out our front door!

The town we are living in is right next to this bay called Kimbe Bay. It's so beautiful! We went out on a friends boat, went snorkeling, and even got to see dolphins swim with the boat!

Friday, September 15, 2006

On Thursday we went into the village that is right next to our mission center. There we visited with this woman, Florence and her family. The kids did pretty good with the new environment. We were there about 2 1/2 hours and that was about all they could take!
On Friday we went down to this big field where they were holding and Independance Day celebration. As you can see, they were dressed in traditional costumes and sang in their heart language. We only stayed about 1 1/2 hours because the kids began to get scared seeing all the different costumes! Please pray the kids will adjust and love these people who are so different than us!

The village is right on the ocean. This is Jonathan walking back from the water.
At Florence's house many people gathered around to visit with us. This man playing the guitar is actually a believer from another tribe. He has learned the Nakanak language and is teaching them the Bible! He is the only one teaching these people, so New Tribes missionaries are planning on moving in and helping him very soon. If you can see I'm wearing something that looks like a dress; it's actually called a meri blouse. It's what most of the women in the village wear, so I borrowed one from a missionary friend for the visit. I'm planning on having a couple made for myself, so I will be dressed culturally appropriate around the nationals. Many women told me they liked my clothes and said it was pretty. It is a big compliment to them if we dress like them!

New Guinea Nuts

Here in New Guinea nuts are very expensive. The only nut I've heard of that grows here is called galip. We can buy about a handful of these nuts for about 36 cents. If you can see in the picture they come with a brown skin on them which the kids and are are peeling off. Then if we don't eat them right away I fry them in a pan and freeze them for later!

Monday, September 11, 2006

New Friends and Beautiful Flowers!


We have spent the weekend in Hoskins now, and it has really been encouraging to see how God has gone before us and prepared the way. He has used people and situations to remind us of His presence through difficult situations. During our travel, we were so thankful that security checks were simple and that we made it safely to the gate with all our children. On our flight to New Zealand,(14 hours) we were thankful that they moved us to seating where bassinets were available for both Eve and Olivia to sleep in. They were able to sleep for several hours and Melissa and I were able to rest without holding them. The meals on board made traveling easier and Zoe and Caleb were able to sleep too. It was nice to have children's movies for the older ones to watch.
We made all of our connections, international security checks were easy, our luggage was not lost or damaged, and we were only delayed on one occasion and that was only for a 1/2 hour.
On the flight into PNG, vetran missionaries were seated close to us and helped with entry paperwork. They also walked us through customs and immigration, which only took 10 minutes, helped us gather our bags and check them to our final destination. They also walked us through the gate, bought us water, read a book to our kids, and visited until we departed. This was an amazing blessing because our patience with our kids had begun to dwindle!
Upon landing in Hoskins, several missionaries met us and loaded our bags on the trucks back to the mission center. It was really good to see some familiar faces! Our travel time since leaving NH totaled about 39 hours!
Since we have been here, meals have been prepared for us, food has been brought to us, and the center store was opened so that we could buy whatever was not already in our apartment. Our apartment was cleaned and set up; the beds were made, there was food and drink in the fridge, and fresh fruit on the counter. In our apartment there is plenty of space for the family, a ceiling fan in every room, and a toilet, tub and shower!
We really have so much to be thankful for, and we've only just begun!
God truly has done many things to encourge us along. The missionary team living on center here has been very hosptitable and helpful; their sensitivity and assistance has been great.

Our new home in PNG!!

I was really surprised to see I have a small laundry room in our apartment! It's a twin tub washer that's brand new. Basically the left side washes then I put the laundry in the spinner on the right side, then rise the clothes in the tub on the far left then put them back in the spinner then on the line to dry! It fits about 10 pieces of kids clothes at a time!
Jonathan's office was a kids bedroom but we decided to put Olivia in our room and the three older kids together so Jonathan could have a space of his own for language study.
Our living room... very spacious! We love it!
Our kitchen and dining room. Tons of cabinet space and plenty of room around the table!