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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Enjoying Gifts at Christmas!

Though we tried not to overwhelm our kids with too many gifts, they still ended up with a good amount! We spaced them out so they would have time to play with the things they opened and it gave us a good opportunity to talk to them each time about the gift God gave the whole world on Christmas- His Son! Christmas here was on a Monday but we started letting the kids open a couple gifts on Saturday. Before they opened any Jonathan sat down with them and explained why Jesus had to come to earth. Some lights turned on in Zoe's head as she realized she was not perfect like God and because of that, God couldn't let her into heaven to live with him. She began to cry as she realized she needed a Savior to save her from the punishment of her sin! We used this opportunity to show her the enormous grace and love God showed to us in sending His Son to earth to take our sin punishment onto himself by dying on the cross. We are trusting the Lord working in Zoe's life and heart to make these truths of His word a reality to her... but we are so glad we get to be part of that process! A few days after Christmas we were taking a walk and Zoe said, "some people know about God and some don't, so the ones that do know, have to tell the ones that don't." It is nice and convicting at the same time to hear our 5 yr. old understand the reason we have to live in PNG- because we know, and many people here don't. It was a good reminder while we miss our families at Christmas!

Our First PNG Christmas!

Caleb enjoying his new football water bottle and Batman motorcycle we brought from the US!
Zoe enjoys doing the hokey pokey at a Christmas party with other missionaries on center.
Caleb and Olivia relax the evening of Christmas at Liamo Reef Resort where we spent the night! We were able to enjoy air conditioning and I enjoyed 3 meals I didn't have to make!