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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Holiday Traditions...

With our holidays being very different for us this year... hot and humid, no family around... we decided to make it special in other ways! This morning we made gingerbread houses with the kids. Zoe and Jonathan worked together while I worked with Caleb and Eve. (Olivia took a nap!) Zoe and Jonathan's was very precise and came out great while ours was very full of frosting and kindof ended up like a green frosting square! At the end it made for some good family time and the start of a new holiday tradition.
As our family experiences Christmas here in this far away land... please pray that we won't miss family too much! Pray we find joy in celebrating the birth of Jesus. After all, He is the reason why we are in New Guinea! Enjoy Christ this Christmas!

Olivia update!

After a walk in the village, the heat knocked these two right out! The baby next to Olivia is Luke Sanford (fellow missionaries here and good friends!)

Olivia is sitting up pretty good on her own now! It's so much fun to see her grow and interact with the older kids. She has a walker that she zooms around the house in and loves to chase the kids with it! You probably can't see but she has two teeth on the bottom.

Catch of the Day!!

A successful day at sea!
One Saturday Jonathan went fishing with a local man and brought home this Red Emperor. He cut it up himself and we fried it up for dinner! It was good!

Work Meri Christmas Party!

This is my work lady Francisca. The missionaries had a Christmas party for all our workers. Planti kaikai, liklik singsing, na bihain, mipela bin pilai volibal. (There was lots of food, a little singing, and after, we played volleyball)

Ashes to Ashes...

Caleb is certainnly all boy! While out on language learning he made himself right at home in a pile of ashes!