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Monday, November 17, 2008


Here are a few pictures of our travels from PNG to the US! We stayed in three different hotels and flew on 6 different planes and were en route for 4 days! We praise the Lord for safety, making connections and getting all our luggage! We are now in NH enjoying visiting Jonathan's parents, Curtis and Joanna, and other friends and family in the area! Thank you all for praying for our travels!

Planes, Luggage, Hotels, Airports, and Waiting!

Eve is reading the safety instructions just in case!

Our "Harvest Party" Costumes!

We celebrated by dressing up, playing games, had a great meal of chicken corn chowder! Olivia was a princess, Zoe a chef, Eve a clown and Caleb a G.I. Joe!

Pretty sun dresses that Nana (Melissa's Mom) made for the girls!

Our Last Days in the Village before Furlough