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Monday, October 02, 2006

Our visits to the village

Our language "warm up" time, when we get used to hearing Tok Pigin and begin trying to understand it, involves us going into the village as much as possible. This trip some kids had caught a parrot, so it was a bit more interesting for our kids!
Soon our trips into the village will have more of a plan and a purpose. For example we might try to get specific nouns, tenses, or verbs. From there we can come back home to process the language and culture we picked up and file it on the computer. Then we can come up with more specific things we have questions about for the next time we go into the village.
Jonathan is expected to work on language about 8 hours a day while I'm told to put in as much as I can. With 4 little ones of course this sounds tough!
Please pray we will balance family, language learning, and living wisely!
Caleb does really well with letting the nationals hold him! They love his white skin!
They also love Olivia's chubby thighs! I had a couple meri blouses made for me... here is one of them I had made sleaveless!
The town of Kimbe is about 30 min away from the New Tribes center. This is the open market where we can buy some fruits and veggies.
Believe it or not- this is an office supply store! You can even buy LCD screens there, printing paper, and much more!
This would be our equivalent to Wal-Mart... Kimbe Mart! They carry groceries, clothes, shoes, material and other various items! Of course the quality and variety is far from what we are used to . A day in town requires a stop for lunch at Liamo. A restaurant/resort that is very nice and out of place in Kimbe!

Our stuff!

Most of you remember when we packed up our belongings and supplies back in April. Well, after being in New Guinea for two weeks the container holding it all arrived! It was a nice boost for us to see some of our personal things that have been packed for so long.